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We departed on a Sunday morning knowing MV would be our home base but no agenda past that - so we were off, just we two in search for something new.  After only 5 hours and we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Smokey Mountains. Even in the off season - it is beautiful.

These small town tourista villages are littered with t-shirt, souvenir and artsy fartsy craft shops - Nita is in heaven with the crafts. I decided on this trip to be the patient husband so she could see all she wanted. I would from time-to-time find interest as well.


IMGP4395 IMGP4405

No Rush. If I had enough t-shirts, indian moccasins and Christmas ornaments for the time being, I would simply wait outside and see what I could see:

IMGP4423 IMGP4425 more views of a barn maggie-barn_HDR2_web



For our followers, you know we like to shoot pretty girls in pretty dresses. And low and behold, I actually found a couple of pretties that posed quite well don't you think.

IMGP4409 IMGP4410

Maggie Valley is basically a main drag with shops, restaurants, and more shops. As we made a couple of passes I kept noticing this "junk yard" but it really was not an ordinary junk yard. Packed in tighter than a dozen sardines in a small tin were these relic Classic Cars and other antiques and collectibles not the worse for wear.  We decided to stop and explore.  We noticed a few fellows engaged in a friendly conversation near what looked like the front gate. We approached and I asked if we could take a few pics. Steve, the owner invited us in for a tour of Steve's Antique Motorcycles and Cars. Steve is a collector and in his facility there must have been hundreds and hundreds of classic cars in various stages of retirement. And if there was one, there were thousands of motorcycles - in this building. Up on the hill across the road, he had more in a chicken coop 150 yards long - full of motorcycles - too many to count, but Steve knew exactly. In fact, Mike and Frank of American Pickers paid a visit to Steve back in 2010. Steve did not say what they "picked". Probably nothing, because Steve is a collector, not a seller.

Steve shared the details and history of many of the pieces - Jags, Rolls', Harleys, and Hondas and even Barbara (Big Valley) Stanwick's Bentley, with the title still in the glove compartment. 









As interesting as Maggie is - there is only so much one can do, especially in the low season. So off to Asheville we go, the home of the Biltmore Estate, purportedly the largest home in America. We got as far as the main gate and decided to turn around and have a coffee. Yep, spontaneous with no particular place to go. We find the Artsy District, park and head off on foot.  On the way, I spy an very interesting Christmas Ornament, so we stop to explore, and meet Charlie Brown, the cat:

IMGP4448 Charlie invites us in and roars a silent roar. Truly - not a peep.


After a few pets and a little coaxing Charlie agreed to a more formal portrait. I do believe Charlie may be a Jellicle Cat.



And speaking of Cats - These cats CAN play. Their funk sound lured us in and I could have listened and listened.

IMGP4463 Miles? not quite, but cool man, cool.


Sax man can play the funk. Drives the rhythm and anchors the bottom with his Alto. 


Jazz band, like a dinner bell, shepherded us to entrance of a fantastic bistro. Tummies growling so we treated ourselves to an unexpectedly great meal. 

IMGP4469 IMGP4468 With no particular place to go - We did find many new and fun places in particular.

Oh - my bride. Happy Birthday to Nita !!

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Eva is ONE https://www.n2images.com/blog/2015/8/eva-is-one First Birthdays are milestones, full of memories and family traditions. When Nita and I were invited to photograph Eva's birthday celebration, we were ecstatic with the opportunity, and it gave mom and dad - Lacey and Bryan - the opportunity to enjoy the festivities, and let us capture the fun.


- Wonderful decorations all in their places for the arriving guests -



~ Evie makes a haul ~ 



~ Happy 1st - with a Flamingo theme ~



Eva on her Birthday Throne ...



~ always willing to share ~



~~ En garde ~~



Selfie with the pretty mommy -- but wait.. which camera ??



The apple of Grand's eye



"here I come to save the day"



~ Head and shoulders above the crowd ~



 ~ Preparations - every birthday girl needs a bonnet ~



~ Birthday girl addresses her fans ~



~ The entourage - girls will be girls ~




~ the fam ~





~ outside we go for some fun in the sun ~






~ Big sis slipping and sliding ~




~ ta da ~ Eva will be asking for the keys to the car before you know it ~


We love family and so much enjoy capturing moments like these to last a lifetime

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Samantha https://www.n2images.com/blog/2013/9/samantha Earlier this year I had the chance to photograph Samantha quite by chance.. It was during one of the big pageants here in town and all the pretty girls were made up and in their very pretty dresses. Samantha was one of the talents who played guitar and sang through one of the intermissions while the pageant girls were changing outfits.. I did not know her but was compelled to asked her if she would like me to take a few of her; she gladly accepted. So in between pageants, Samantha and I took a few photos that I shared on her Facebook.. Over the months we chatted and arranged a Saturday morning to photograph her. She is such a natural beauty, sweet and articulate. She and her mom joined Nita and me downtown and we had a great time.  We started in our town's outdoor market...








We moved on from the park and found this construction area that had perfect backdrop. 







I usually refrain from showing shots from the LCD viewer to the model during a session, but Samantha was so excited, I did in this case. She liked what she saw..



and as a result, Samantha grew in confidence with the camera





Rock Star ..





Saturday mornings, the streets in Dublin GA are fairly deserted. As we exited to the street, I noticed a door that had a very vibrant color. Samantha commented: "It matches" ! Sometimes things just work.




And now for something completely different..






We just had to make use of this odd pile of "stuff" around the corner. Samantha was game. We thought it would be an interesting contrast in styles. Well, that is probably an understatement..





Country girl






IMGP7867IMGP7867 IMGP7877IMGP7877 IMGP7880IMGP7880 IMGP7876IMGP7876

Nita and had a fun time with Samantha for this photo shoot- a joy to work with-

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Megan + Paul https://www.n2images.com/blog/2013/1/megan-paul Nita and I were over the top excited when got the news that Megan and Paul were getting married.  Even more so when we received the call that she wanted us to capture their engagement session. We had photographed Megan a couple of times before in her high school days but engagement photographs are a much bigger deal. It marks a major milestone in a couple's life as they prepare for a lifetime together.  We felt a connection with Megan and Paul as we spent the whole day together and loved that we got the chance to get to know them better. We found some fun spots that showed their individual personalities, yet a oneness.  Their love for each other showed brightly. Megan and Paul are an amazing couple; we are honored and privileged to document this wonderful chapter of their lives together.

2617 - words Timeless

2625 2626 2629 2647 2684

We love their simple, yet beautiful commitment to one another.


2668 2676 2731

2772 2763 2762 Megan is a lover of horses, avid equestrian and trainer.  What better way to end the day than at the farm.

2787 2797 2792 20120901-untitled-2801 2819 2828 2861 BARN_HDR2 Here's to Megan and Paul. We love you all from n2, Neal and Nita

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Photobooth FUN !! https://www.n2images.com/blog/2012/12/photobooth-fun Remember those old classic photo booths. Sometimes you find them in malls or tourista attractions. The booth is set up in a tightly crowed box similar to a telephone booth with a curtain, with a small bench inside, and a curtain so you get as crazy as you want without concern.  Today's photo booth are fun attractions and gathering points at many events and receptions.  Once the invitees have some food, drink and maybe a dance, the photo booth becomes a lightening rod of activity.  Here we have quite a range of folks who want to have some unabashed fun. It does not matter if you are a doctor, teacher, engineer, retired, or a student - put someone in front of a camera and a few props for inspiration and fun just happens.

Shores photobooth-5 Shores photobooth-15 Shores photobooth-8 Shores photobooth-13 Shores photobooth-18 Shores photobooth-32 Shores photobooth-24 Shores photobooth-34 Shores photobooth-36 Shores photobooth-37 Shores photobooth-48 Shores photobooth-65 Shores photobooth-53 Shores photobooth-57

Shores photobooth-70

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We love Family https://www.n2images.com/blog/2012/12/we-love-family This session was just about a year in the making - due to hectic schedules. I'd say it was worth the wait.  A typical session can be completed in an hour or so, but we had so much fun it was difficult to stop. 

We start with traditional family poses-





Then we move on to find what we can find to make an interesting photograph-


How convenient is it to have a railroad car? 


IMGP4630 untitled-4636


Often times we can find really good shots that are just there - ready for the "click".  We just have to see.

untitled-4655 untitled-4657 untitled-4671

It is always fun to bring one personal item. It makes the shoot, well - more personal - here we go-


"I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord above for mercy- Save me if you please."






passing on the passion


We love Families- neal and nita


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Morgan https://www.n2images.com/blog/2012/11/morgan Nita and I love to photograph students. A few Saturdays ago we had the opportunity to capture Morgan as a part of her senior year portrait collection..

Morgan is beautiful through and through - ambitious, thoughtful and driven. Morgan is an AP student who is dual enrolled, taking college level courses while finishing her last few classes at WLHS. She has been a band student since the 5th grade. As band parents ourselves, we know they are special kids - of course we are partial.  Morgan is Section Leader of the flutes and has been a member of the Mercer Macon Youth Symphony Orchestra, an achievement earned by only the best student musicians. 

So we headed out - Nita and I, with our cameras in tow to take a few photographs of this beautiful young lady.  

2149-2 1240 2 2188 2206 2143 2179 1253 2107 2130 2132 2163 2181_e 2183

n2 - neal & nita





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Road Trip I https://www.n2images.com/blog/2012/11/road-trip-i Last weekend Nita and I decided to go on a date - simply head out in the Jetta, with our cameras of course and see what we could see. Northward-ho!  

The journey is what we were after, and the gems just off the main route, tucked behind a tree, overgrown, longing for just a little attention like a forgotten senior.  They stand like sentinels. Most passersby simply do not notice them as they fade into the landscape. These relics remain, having lived past their usefulness but still provide us beauty - but we have to look. Even in silence, these places speak.

The day included a nice leisurely drive through back country roads, plenty of U-turns, and a wonderful lunch in historic Madison GA served up by a spunky waitress that could have been Jody Foster's double.  We plan to make this Road Trip the first in a series; We simply love exploring and imagining what once was. 

IMGP1694 IMGP1685

South from Elberton, we were thinking about lunch and this caught my eye, so a quick U turn and we explored this field for about an hour..

rustic4 rustic12 rustic5 rustic6 IMGP1661


rustic9 rustic10

In Bottles..



The house behind the house- not so bad unless it's really cold, or on a hot steamy day... or any other time for that matter..

IMGP1646 IMGP1652


Moonshine still - probably hidden from the "revenuers" for the longest time - Now a roadside relic.


.. notice the wheel so the entire contraption could be quickly moved at the first sign of trouble ..

IMGP1689 rustic2 rustic1 rustic3 IMGP1657 rustic11

My Bride



Thanks for checking out our blog - We love taking photos ..

IMGP1650 n2 - neal & nita




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Opportunity Lost – Lesson Learned https://www.n2images.com/blog/2012/9/opportunity-lost-lesson-learned  

As long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with the camera, of the images it makes and of photography. The bug first bit, and probably for many, on a family vacation.  


I was eight – remember it as clear as day. My grandmother came to visit us in Dallas, Texas. She lived in Kansas and we decided to take a trip to show her the Alamo. So we packed up and headed to San Antonio, a few hundred miles to the south. I was in charge of the camera.




It was (is) a camera made by Kodak – a Brownie Hawkeye; high tech at the time.  Basically a light-tight box, with a fixed lens set up so that the depth of field guaranteed anything you pointed it at was in focus, because there was no way to actually focus the camera. The box was held just above belt level and the photographer would peer down into the viewfinder so most photos were taken at an upward angle.  Now there is a tip for taking chest up portraits, a technique basically lost on the masses with their fancy schmancy DSLRs.





Attached to the box was a flash with a gangly arm with a nice sized reflector-diffuser.  Modern day photographers can take a note – get your flash away from the lens AND diffuse the light.  There was no such a thing as red eye with this relic.  Only with the modern conveniences of the point-and-shoot and the pop up flash was this malady introduced to images.  Red eye is prevalent in amateur-land and easy to prevent, or fix.




We arrive at the Alamo with great anticipation. I felt this was going to be a wonderful photographic opportunity and I was to take full advantage for our family scrapbook.  I walked around the grounds of the old church, fort, and battleground and “found” many photos.


The Brownie Hawkeye is a film camera. Pre-dating the 35mm canister, you had to insert the roll and thread it around the back to the opposite spindle and turn it to frame #1.  I shot lots of frames.


We enter for the most exciting part of the tour- a place where Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, and many other heroes made their last stand.  What was the first thing I saw…. a sign:  NO PHOTOS.   Ugh.


What was a poor boy to do?  I made a decision that I believe many true-blooded photographers have made as well.  I was going to shoot till asked to stop. That call never came and I quickly got my treasures. 


As we drove as away from this historic Texas landmark I knew I had something special - photos when most would simply put their cameras away in quiet obedience.  I wanted to insure these would make it to the local developer and to do this I felt it best to get a little air to the film seeing how it was all enclosed in the air-tight camera back.  So in the mind of an eight-year-old, I OPENED the camera back to allow a little air to the film.  When my dad realized what I had done, without words, he simply raised an eyebrow, and I knew what I had done.  Ugh --- big surprise when we picked up the pictures from the developer.  Opportunity lost and lesson learned.




Many years later I returned, camera NOT in hand.  I simply walked through the museum and just enjoyed the artifacts and reflected back to an earlier time when at the spark of my fascination of photographic art, I knew it would be life-long.


Can you remember your first photograph? Leave a comment...

good shooting.



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